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Ruge's Ford Mobile Service - November 29th, 2023

Image of the Ford mobile service vehicle with the driver showing his thumbs up.

Ruge's Ford Mobile Service


For many of us, the term “pickup or delivery” conjures up images of calling in a pizza order for dinner!
Here at Ruge’s, however, we’re taking “pickup or delivery” - to the next level. That’s right - our new mobile service means that customers can enjoy having vehicles picked up from their driveways for repairs and delivered back home! AND, as if that’s not enough, this new offering ALSO includes the opportunity to have cars, trucks, and SUVs serviced right in your very own DRIVEWAYS!

Ford reintroduced the Ranger as a midsize pickup truck for the 2019 model year, ending an eight-year drought for drivers who wanted a Ford pickup but didn't need the full-size F-150. The newly reborn Ranger was a hit; after a few production hiccups, sales exceeded 10,000 units per month by November of 2019. And little wonder, as the new Ranger's high-tech redesign set it apart from its older rivals. So, if you're searching for a Ford Ranger for sale today, you might enjoy reflecting on the long journey that led to the creation of your favorite truck.

John Alterio, Service Director at Ruge’s Ford

We recently caught up with John Alterio, Service Director at Ruge’s Ford who, among other responsibilities, manages our newly launched mobile service program. A former Deputy Sheriff, John had dedicated much of his adult life to public service before coming to Ruge’s. Here is what we learned:

John, tell us more about the new mobile service option available to Ruge’s Ford customers, and what kinds of ‘house calls’ you make.

Our mobile unit allows us to handle some open recalls, software updates, flat tires, radio updates, and more. It also affords us the ability to jump start vehicles with battery packs. Some things can be performed right from our mobile truck in the driveway of someone’s home, while other service needs require us to pick up a customer’s vehicle and bring it to our service center (and then return it.)

How quickly can people expect someone to come out when they need support?

Depending on our schedule, we generally offer same-day service. The earlier in the day that a customer makes a request, the better! Reaching out to us before 8am is ideal if you want your vehicle back on the same day - but we do our best to accommodate those who call us later than that too.

How far do you travel for your "house calls"?

Our service area includes customers who are within a 15-mile radius of Rhinebeck.

What do you - and your customers - most love about this new program?

The chance to deliver (and for our customers, the chance to experience) exceptional customer service. Our customers have been thrilled with this option! Sometimes they’re under the weather and they cannot get to us but we can get to them - and if we can’t repair something onsite at their home, then we pick up the vehicle, bring it into our shop, and return it back to them. Most of the time this all happens within the same day, which is great. It is so convenient for people and we’re so glad to see how satisfied everyone is with the outcomes so far. Customers can even get text notifications to tell them which one of our employees they can expect to come to their home, along with an estimated arrival time.

Do you feel these ‘house calls’ are the wave of the future, as we move into a society focused on greater convenience for people?

Absolutely - this makes everything so much easier, especially for those who might be dealing with illness or who have to go to work and cannot take the time out for a service appointment outside of their home. And there’s no extra charge, which makes it a win all-around!

Reach out to John Alterio with any questions at or by calling 845.876.4440