Used Trucks For Sale in Rhinebeck

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Find a Used Pickup Truck at Ruge's Ford in Rhinebeck, NY

From the city streets, to the highways, and the unpaved roads of nature, Trucks have a way of getting around the Kingston region. After they have outlived their usefulness to the first driver, trucks enter the used market in hopes of finding a new owner. Trucks span multiple brands, and many of those can be found in our current selection right now.

Used Ford Trucks

The selection of used Ford trucks begins with the Ranger. The back storage space can easily house small equipment and tools for long-distance travel. However, Rhinebeck customers seeking to get a powerful used truck may desire the Ford F-150 for its tow-load strength. For even greater power, consider taking home a heavy-duty Ford truck like a Ford F-250 or Ford F-350. This line of trucks becomes more and more powerful with each successive model. A used truck provides the buyer with a useable vehicle at a fraction of the seller's offering price.

Used Chevy Trucks

Kingston buyers in the used truck market will definitely consider the Chevy Colorado or the Chevy Silverado 1500. The cargo weight capacity and towing power of these Chevy models are fantastic, giving local drivers plenty of strength to complete heavy jobs. Chevy trucks are equipped with advanced features to assist the driver in all types of environments the vehicle may encounter. Chevy Trucks are also equipped with great exterior features, giving local drivers a fantastic head-turning capability wherever they feel like going.

Additional Used Truck Options

These brands only scratch the surface of all the trucks we currently have at the Poughkeepsie dealership. Due to their popularity, the selection is always changing with models new and old passing through the used market. We value consumer satisfaction above all else. A used truck from our lot comes with the assurance that it will be able to run long into the future.