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A Look at the Exciting Standard and Available Features on the 2023 Ford F-250

A black 2023 Ford F-250 is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has a Ford F-250 for sale.

Ford’s Super-Duty line of trucks are highly capable pickups you can rely on to tackle tough challenges. If you need a Super-Duty truck, you probably rely on your vehicle for much more than transportation. It’s your work surface. Your rest area. Your hauler and your tower. Your truck goes to some unpredictable environments, and you demand the very best from it. Ford knows that, and they design their Super Duty trucks to be ready for nearly anything. The Super Duty lineup goes all the way up to a 550 chassis cab and even a 650 for those needing serious commercial power.

However, today, we’re just exploring the 2023 Ford F-250, which is a solid offering for individuals and businesses needing heavy-duty abilities in a frame that’s still manageable for normal environments. If you’re shopping for a Ford F-250 for sale, you’ll quickly realize just how configurable this great truck is. That’s one of the best things about it. Some impressive features come standard, while others are available for addition. We want to break down some of the most notable standard and available features so you know your options and can be prepared to customize your perfect F-250.

Standard Features

A well-curated selection of features comes standard in the 2023 F-250. Each one will cater to a heavy-duty truck driver’s needs, helping with tasks and situations that come up regularly. No matter which trim you choose, you will be guaranteed a host of great standard features that include cutting-edge infotainment and innovative safety features you would expect on a modern truck.

Infotainment and Connectivity Tech

Standard across all Super-Duty trucks is the SYNC 4, which will have either an 8-inch or 12-inch touchscreen, depending on your model. This terrific infotainment system has enhanced voice recognition, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. If you need to keep up with life on the road, you’ll love the in-vehicle 5G Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can connect to via your FordPass Connect App. This hotspot can offer Wi-Fi to up to 10 devices simultaneously, so you and your passengers can all use your laptops and smartphones on the road.

A black 2023 Ford F-250 is shown from the rear at an angle.

Trailer Assistance

We also appreciate the standard Trailer Sway Control, excellent for drivers who regularly have large items in tow. As its name suggests, trailer sway control minimizes the movement of your trailer to keep your load, and your truck stable when trailering. Another excellent standard feature is the Tailgate-Mounted Rearview Camera, which helps you see what’s happening behind your vehicle at all times, which is great for those times you need an extra set of eyes looking out for the challenging cargo you're trailering.

Adjustable 4X4

One very handy standard feature is the electronic shift-on-the-fly system. This lets you switch in and out of four-wheel drive mode with a push of a button. If you regularly have to travel over different types of terrain or in different weather, this system will help you remain in command and retain torque at all times.

Available Features

Moving onto what’s available, there are a lot of great ways you can customize your 2023 F-250 to better suit your needs. Whether you're looking for extra help with trailering cargo or looking to upgrade your audio system for those lengthy commutes to work, the F-250 offers a plethora of options to make this workhorse truly feel like it's yours.

Additional Trailer Assist Features

Ford has made an intuitive batch of trailer assist features that will be a major perk for drivers who regularly need to trailer large items. First, there’s the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which automatically reverses your truck and aligns the hitch ball to the trailer, all with the push of a button. Gone are the days of re-adjusting inch by inch until you line it up just right. Trailer Backup Assist also helps you perfectly backup your entire vehicle to your cargo with ease.

Trailer Navigation is another highly innovative feature that enhances the trailering experience. When you have a huge trailer in tow, you don’t have all of the same routes available to you that your neighboring sedan drivers do. Some bridges are too low, and some roads are too narrow. Trailer Navigation selects your routes with your trailer in mind, only sending you where you and your truck can fit. We also love to show off the F-250’s onboard scales, which calculate your payload as you load things onto your truck. That can help ensure you’ll meet requirements at truck scales along your journey.

More Tech Upgrades

There are several optional tech-forward features on the 2023 F-250 that range from utilitarian to fun to practical. We’ll start with the fun stuff, like the B&O sound system by Bang & Olufsen, that will turn your cabin into the optimal music-listening zone. If you need to listen to your tunes with the bass bumping to get in the mood for your workday, you’ll want to add this system.

Then there’s the Remote Start System. If you want to make sure your vehicle’s engine is running before you even hop in, which can be handy on those cold winter mornings. We also love showing off the Power Tailgate with Tailgate Down Camera. This slowly and automatically lowers your tailgate, helping prolong its life. And that added camera gives you a view of what’s happening behind your vehicle, even when the tailgate is down. You can operate the tailgate via a button inside the cabin, on your keyfob, or with a simple nudge.

Additional External Power

If you need to power external accessories like power tools, lights, or even a fridge, you’re often at the mercy of whatever outlets are available at your work site. However, depending on where you are, there might not be any outlets. That’s where the Pro Power Onboard comes in handy. It's your available power generator that delivers up to 2kW of electrical power, so you can run that fan or air pump wherever you are without having to bring eight extension cords to reach the nearest wall outlet.

A grey 2023 Ford F-250 Tremor is shown from the front at an angle.

An Integrated Electric Winch

If you are regularly rotating a spool at the back of your truck, maybe for times you get stuck in the mud, you might want to add the available integrated electric winch. It makes easy work out of rotating a spool, so you can save your physical strength for everything else you have to do.

Customizing Your Ford F-250 Is Easy

We are impressed with the generous number of standard and available features of the 2023 F-250. Ford truly understands that heavy-duty pickup drivers face various daily obstacles and tackle tasks ranging from moderate to extreme. They created a thoughtful selection of features for their customers to customize their pickups to meet their needs.

If you know how you’d like your F-250 to be set up, it's time to come and talk to us here at Ruge's Ford. One of our sales team members would be glad to help you customize your new F-250. We’ll also be sure to show you how all of these unique features work, so once you drive off the lot, you’re ready to make the most of your pickup. We know every truck driver’s day looks a little different, but when behind the Ford F-250, it certainly gets easier.