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Car Trade-in Value

A red 2021 Ford Explorer ST is shown from the front at an angle after receiving a car trade-in value.

It's not uncommon to trade in your car when it's time to get a new one. As much as we'd all like to keep our old vehicles, swapping out the old with the new is natural, especially when talking about cars. However, if you're wondering what your car trade-in value is, you can't take an educated guess; you'll get an accurate estimate when trading your vehicle to a dealership like ours at Ruge's Ford.

When you bring your vehicle into Ruge's Ford, whether you're looking to replace it with another car today or not, your car trade-in value will be based on current market trends, so you won't end up with less money than you should. At Ruge's Ford, we're the dealership in the greater area of Rhinebeck, NY, that you should visit when you're planning on buying your next vehicle. However, we're the people's dealership, meaning our services stretch far beyond your shopping experience - our trade-in program is just one of many services we proudly offer.

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There's Multiple Ways to Evaluate Your Trade

You may be wondering what the best way to evaluate your trade is once you've decided that Ruge's Ford is the best place to check the trade-in value of your car, and the answer is that there are actually multiple methods. First, you can visit our dealership in person with the vehicle or get an estimate from the comfort of your home using the tools on our website. You'll be pleased to know that you can get an accurate estimate on our website, as we use Kelley Blue Book. Those who have ever researched a vehicle or are interested in checking current market conditions have relied on Kelley Blue Book for a century. Using the Kelley Blue Book tool built into our website means you'll have the best possible idea of your vehicle's worth before you take the necessary steps to trade it in.

Bringing your vehicle to our dealership for an evaluation is equally as simple and will get you the exact amount of your trade-in value. You don't need to contact us beforehand because bringing your vehicle to our dealership for a trade evaluation is as simple as visiting Ruge's Ford to browse our lot. However, if you'd like to speed up the process, you may call ahead and inform us you'll be visiting with your vehicle, and we'll be sure to have one of our sales team members ready. Even if you're considering trading in your car but unsure if you will, it's worth keeping up with your vehicle's trade-in value. Once you decide to upgrade, you'll already generally know what it should be worth. You've never had such an easy experience trading a vehicle into a dealership. At Ruge's Ford, we're proud to provide our generous trade-in service to the drivers around Rhinebeck, NY.

A blue 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor is shown from the front while towing a camper.

Why Trade-In to Ruge's Ford?

With so many different options to trade in your car, why should you choose Ruge's Ford? You should trade in your vehicle to Ruge's Ford because we make it incredibly simple to get money in your hands, and we gladly handle the heavy lifting. Even if your car is still under lease, that doesn't mean you can't trade it to us. Trading in your vehicle to a dealership like Ruge's Ford is far simpler than listing it online as a private seller because of one reason: responsibility. When selling a car to a private buyer, you're responsible for all facets of the sale. Selling your vehicle privately also exposes you to potential scams that can affect any seller. Trading to Ruge's Ford is safe and secure.

Because of various laws in place, any unlisted malfunctions the vehicle experiences means the buyer you sold it to can request their money back. Ruge's Ford won't do that; once you trade your vehicle with us, you won't have to worry about it again. Even if your car was in perfect working order when you sold it, vehicles are unpredictable machines malfunctioning at any time. Because you'll be the responsible party as the seller, there's a timeframe between the moment you sell the car to a private buyer and when you can safely use the money.

Another reason you should choose Ruge's Ford is that our selection of new Ford vehicles and pre-owned models from a mix of famous manufacturers is the best in the greater area of Rhinebeck, NY. Suppose you want another vehicle once you've traded in your old car. In that case, you'll have no shortage of models to choose from, whether you're looking to swap your sedan for another one, upgrade yourself to a pickup truck, or downsize your life from a three-row SUV to a compact. Every vehicle on our lot serves a purpose for many drivers and their busy lives. The prices you find on both the new and pre-owned models on our lot are better than the competition, and you'll have an exceptional sales team at your service to take you through the lineup and answer any question you may have.

A blue 2022 Ford Mustang Ecoboost is shown from the side while parked.

You Can Also Sell Your Vehicle for Cash

Although most shoppers will opt to trade in their vehicle to purchase another when they visit us at Ruge's Ford, that's not your only option. Drivers will be pleased to know that when you trade your vehicle into Ruge's Ford, you can opt for cash instead of trade credit. When you opt for cash, you aren't obligated to spend it here; even if you want to take that money elsewhere, it's your money, and it's up to you how to spend it.

Having an extra car in the driveway collecting dust can be more common than you think, and sometimes there's no obvious answer to how to offload it. People opt to give their old vehicles to family members or friends, but what if you need money for it and don't want to wait? Because you can opt for cash at Ruge's Ford when you trade in your car, you don't have to replace it with another if that's not your ultimate goal. All you need to sell your vehicle to Ruge's Ford is the necessary paperwork, like the registration and, if applicable, your lease agreement. As we said, we'll gladly do the heavy lifting so you can spend less time worrying about whether you have everything you need and more time exploring our available vehicles.

The Ruge's Ford logo is shown.

We Make Trading-In Your Vehicle Easy and Hassle-Free

Treat yourself to a hefty discount on your next vehicle by trading your vehicle into our dealership at Ruge's Ford. In the automotive market, drivers are often encouraged to replace their old cars with newer ones, and it only gets more enticing as better vehicles come out every year. Ruge's Ford not only gets you the best available pricing on your trade, but our experts can also guide you toward your new vehicle. You can complete the trade-in process and get behind the wheel of a new car within the same day; you'll be amazed at how quickly the process is.

Shopping for a new vehicle is exciting, but it can be even more thrilling when you have additional funds for your purchase, whether that be trade-in credit or the cash you got from your old car. Since Ruge's Ford can give you either trade-in credit or money, with the added help of Ruge's Ford on-site auto finance center, you'll be in a much better position to buy your next vehicle than you would if you chose to sell it privately. Perhaps you've never traded in a car before and aren't sure how the process works. Ruge's Ford is here to teach you that trading in your vehicle isn't only easy but the go-to method to fund your next automobile. Trade in your car today with us and see just how easy selling your vehicle can be.