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Ford Bronco for Sale

A grey 2024 Ford Bronco Badlands parked in a plain at sundown.

If you are looking for something different in your next SUV, you should consider a Ford Bronco. Ford has taken SUVs to the next level with the Bronco, offering a model with four-wheel drive that is ready for off-roading as soon as you drive off the lot. This gives you a rugged SUV that is at home on the road or off it. The key to finding a Ford Bronco for sale is to find a dealership with a great selection of new and used models, so you can get one that has all the features you desire at a price you can afford.

Ruge's Ford is proud to offer the Ford Bronco to all of its customers. As an authorized Ford dealer, you can find the exact model you want when you shop with us. This means you can find all the optional equipment, trim levels, and engine options you're looking for. We also feature other great Ford trucks and SUVs, giving you an unrivaled selection of these exceptional models.

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The History of the Ford Bronco

When you think of the history of the sport-utility vehicle, you have to start with the Ford Bronco. Introduced in 1965, the Ford Bronco was the first vehicle to be called an SUV. The Bronco grew out of Ford's experience developing and building Jeeps for the US Army. This gave Ford expertise in rugged models with four-wheel drive. As a result, drivers who chose a Bronco could get a model that was equally at home on the road and out in rough terrain.

Over the years, the Bronco changed as the tastes of drivers evolved. The first generation Broncos were offered with two-door and four-door models. There were even variations with removable roofs, giving you the enjoyment of a convertible during warmer weather. In the 1970s, Ford began building the Bronco using the popular F-Series truck as a frame. Comfort and convenience features also became more important as suburban drivers discovered the benefits of driving an SUV. Such features as air conditioning and radios were added in the late 1970s to make the Bronco a more enjoyable ride, especially for family drivers.

The realities of the world also influenced the Bronco. In the 1980s, the model was made smaller and more aerodynamic, giving it better fuel economy. This was to help drivers save money as fuel prices rose during the decade. By the 1990s, the Bronco had been changed to suit more suburban and urban drivers than the original rural market for the model. Gone were the two-door models, with the Bronco now only offered with four doors. The comfort, convenience, and safety features were increased as it became clear what the main SUV drivers were looking for. Nevertheless, by 1996, the original Bronco had reached its limit. The last Ford Bronco was built on June 12, 1996, marking the end of a 30-year run.

However, those who counted the Ford Bronco out were proven wrong. In 2021, the Bronco was brought back more rugged and capable than ever. The 25-year wait proved worth it for drivers who wanted a Bronco that had more off-road capability than ever before. Each Bronco features an advanced four-wheel drivetrain with G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) modes. The G.O.A.T. modes allow you to use a specific mode to handle the type of terrain you are experiencing.

With an expansive choice of trim levels, drivers could now choose the features they want on their Bronco. If you are looking to use your Bronco primarily for driving around local roads, then you can choose one with a more efficient engine. On the other hand, if you want to take on some of the toughest trails in the Hudson River Valley, you can opt for ones with more off-road features.

One other thing that Ford brought back was the different style options on the Bronco. Drivers could now choose between two-door and four-door models, something that hadn't been offered since the late 1980s. Ford also offers the Bronco with hardtop or soft-top roofs. Both are removable, as are the doors. This allows you to let the outdoors inside on warm days. This also gives you an incredible number of options when choosing your next Ford Bronco.

A rear view of a blue 2024 Ford Bronco Black Diamond parked off-road.

Explore Our Vast Selection of New Bronco Models or Custom-Order One

We offer the full lineup of new Bronco trims, letting you find one with the features you desire and at a price point that fits your budget. Still, with so many options to choose from, like different engines, body styles, roofs, and wheel sizes, you may need a little help navigating the various options on your new Bronco. This is where our friendly sales team comes in.

Our team prides itself on having a vast knowledge of the different Ford models, especially the Bronco. This allows them to answer all of your questions while guiding you through the process of choosing the right one for you. We will show you all of the new Broncos we have available at our dealership so you can pick one out that you will love.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, don't worry. We can help you factory order a new Bronco. This gives you the ability to choose the trim level you are considering and then go over each optional feature so you can end up with exactly what you want. You can even choose the exact color that you like best on your new Bronco.

A green 2024 Ford Bronco driving down a hill.

Test Drive a Pre-Owned Ford Bronco

One of the best ways to get a Ford Bronco is to buy one used. Buying used allows you to get an excellent vehicle at a very affordable price, giving you access to features and trims that may not have been available when shopping the new lineup. We also give you the necessary information when choosing a used Ford Bronco. Each used model comes with a complimentary CARFAX vehicle history report. This will confirm the mileage on the odometer, while also giving you vital information about the used Bronco you are considering. The CARFAX will let you know about such things as prior ownership, involvement in any collisions, and the service record for the specific used Bronco you are considering.

When you come in to look at used Broncos at our dealership, we will arrange for you to take a test drive. This is a great way to get to know the Bronco and to see its incredible capabilities. It will also allow you to decide on the various items on your used Bronco. Some have two doors, while others have four. The same goes for the different roofs, engines, and other features. Taking a number of used Broncos out for a series of test drives will help you narrow down the one that is right for you.

The Ruge's Ford logo is shown.

Visit Us Today and Drive Home in a Rugged Ford Bronco

Ruge's Ford is known for having a vast inventory of new and used Ford SUVs and trucks. This is why we are the leading Ford dealership in the area. Drivers know they can find exactly what they are looking for when visiting us. This is especially true if you are considering a new or used Ford Bronco. As an authorized dealership, we can provide you with the options you want on a new Bronco. This includes choosing the trim level, engine, body and roof style, and other features you desire. Getting to pick these features is critical to ensuring your Bronco has the capability you want, especially if you plan to use it off-road. If you prefer to buy a used Ford Bronco, we always have plenty at our dealership to choose from. This will give you an exceptional SUV at a very affordable price.

Once you have decided on your next Ford Bronco, our finance team will review your lease and loan options. Our goal is to get you the financing you need on competitive terms that are designed to fit your budget. When it comes time for servicing your Bronco, bring it here. Our team of trained technicians will help you with everything from routine oil changes and tire rotations to major engine and transmission repairs. From helping you choose the perfect Bronco to keeping it well-maintained, Ruge's Ford is here for you for the long haul. Come to Ruge's Ford today and see why your next SUV should be a new or used Ford Bronco!