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Ford Bronco Sport for Sale

A grey 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has a Ford Bronco Sport for sale.

There’s no SUV more exciting than the Ford Bronco Sport. It’s a versatile vehicle with a memorable exterior, a comfortable interior, and a heck of a lot of capability. We have the Ford Bronco Sport for sale here at Ruge’s Ford, and we know it’s a hot commodity. Whether used or new, our vehicles move fast because customers love how the Bronco Sport can upgrade their driving lifestyle and add a little flair to their travels.

Drivers of the Bronco Sport know that the road and off-road alike will be theirs to enjoy without worry. New York drivers will especially do well with a Bronco Sport; to truly enjoy what our state has to offer, you want a vehicle that can handle both the narrowest of city roads and the roughest of terrains. Our state is one that features vastly different geographies, so you want an SUV that has your back, no matter the quality of your path.

You’ll find your dream SUV right here at Ruge’s Ford, as we have all types of the Bronco Sport here for your perusal. Our dealership has a Bronco Sport for every driver; with its different trims and model years, you’re sure to find the one that gives you everything you are looking for in your next vehicle.

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An Adventurous and Modern SUV

The Ford Bronco Sport has a lot to offer drivers. Its exterior design is a mix of modern and classic, and its front grille and headlights have a throwback look that’s sure to get everyone from New York City to Albany talking. You’ll be driving along the Hudson River in style, with other drivers trying to steal a glance at your ride.

If you really dig the Bronco Sport’s throwback design, there’s a retro-styled trim that’ll make you feel at home: the Bronco Sport Free Wheeling. Ford knows that this is an SUV sure to inspire those who are nostalgic when it comes to design, but its exterior design is merely one of many reasons to own a Bronco Sport. This Ford SUV comes with multiple engine options so that you can have one that works for your needs. Its trims are also smartly designed to match different driver lifestyles.

For instance, if you’re looking to head into the Catskills or do some off-roading in our state parks, then the Badlands trim—which is specially designed for rough riding—will be your best bet. The Badlands trim increases your towing limit so that bringing a small camper or bikes to the wilderness won’t be a problem. On the other end, you have the Outer Banks trim, which prioritizes luxury and comfort, so that when you bring your friends and family along for the ride, they feel comfortable, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

The brown interior of a 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is shown from above the center console looking forward.

Of course, no SUV is complete without plenty of cargo room, and the Bronco Sport boasts a rear that supplies substantial cargo volume; Ford knows that if you’re going to take a vacation or work trip, you want to be able to bring not just what you need but also what you want. There’s even a storage bin beneath the back seats, as the Bronco Sport likes to use every available inch to great effect.

Certain trims provide a slide-out table in the rear to make working easier; there are also available electric outlets, so you can power up any tools or toys when you’re in a remote spot. The Bronco Sport always wants to make your day easier. All Bronco Sports come with up-to-date infotainment suites, too, so that you and your passengers remain entertained. You’ll be able to connect your smart devices to the Bronco Sport so you can listen to whatever you’d like, be it a playlist or your favorite podcast.

Check Out Our Used Bronco Sports

The Bronco Sport has been around since 2021, so if you’re in the market for one, you should consider buying a used one, especially if you’re buying on a budget; a used Bronco Sport will be cheaper but contain most of the same features and capabilities as a new model.

Since it’s only been around for a few years, an older model is still stylish and sure to make you the envy of your neighbors when it’s in your driveway. You’ll still be thrilled with its towing capability, space, comfort, and connectivity, so you will have the benefits of a new Bronco Sport despite not buying new.

If you’re going to buy a used Ford vehicle, then buying used from us is the smart move to make. It’s not just because of our selection—massive as it is—but because we’re more trustworthy than an anonymous person from online or a newspaper ad. When you buy from Ruge’s Ford, you’re buying from one of New York State’s most well-respected dealerships.

Buying used from a dealership like ourselves is always the safest option. You’ll have an honest report on the used car you’re purchasing, and you’ll have access to a service department that can provide you with any inspections or upgrades you are interested in.

A blue 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is shown from the side while towing a UTV.

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Lease or Loan

When it comes to purchasing your new or used Ford Bronco Sport, we aim to make the process as convenient as we possibly can for you. Our Ford financing department is filled with experts who will walk you through your options and explain every step of the process so you feel as informed as possible. We know how crucial such financial decisions are, which is why we believe in making certain you’re confident every step of the way.

We also work to ensure you get a financing plan that works for you. Even if you have a less-than-ideal credit score, we will try to find a plan with competitive interest rates so that your auto loan makes sense for your current economic situation. We’ll also chat about lease options, too, so you can learn if that makes more sense for your scenario; many drivers prefer taking out a lease as they like having a newer vehicle every few years, so leasing is a more economical option than buying.

Rest assured, no matter your questions or concerns, our financing department will have your back! You can speed the process up, too, if you want, by applying for financing ahead of time here on our website.

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If you want to drive around New York in a stylish, high-quality SUV, there’s no question that you'll want the Ford Bronco Sport. You’ll be showing up to social events in Albany or the City in a classy vehicle, and you’ll be conquering the Catskills in a capable off-road SUV. As Rhinebeck is conveniently situated between so many of the best locales in New York, you want a vehicle that can do it all. There’s no driving situation where you won’t be coming out ahead if you’re the owner of a Ford Bronco Sport.

Ruge’s Ford is the place to purchase your new or used Bronco Sport. We have a wide selection, and we’re famed for our outstanding customer service. The Ruge's name goes back to 1935, meaning we have almost a century of automotive wisdom that we’re working from, so you’re sure to get the best service. There’s no problem we won’t be able to solve for you. Contact us today, or come down to see us as soon as you can and get yourself behind the wheel of this Ford classic!