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Ford F-350 for Sale

A grey 2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat is shown towing a large white trailer on a winding road.

What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of a Ford truck? Do you think of the legacy that traces back to over a century? The never-ending amount of accolades bestowed upon the F-150 as America's most popular and highest-selling pickup truck? Or maybe you think of the dependability of models like the Ford Ranger or the Maverick. These are all things worth considering when discussing the prowess and pedigree of the Ford pickup. Here at Ruge's Ford, we're no strangers to the capability and accomplishments of the blue brand, as we've always strived to properly represent them and their principles. While all of the trucks we previously mentioned are exceptional in their own right, there are those among us who have the most arduous tasks in front of them and need a vehicle of exceptional power and capability.

For moments such as these, the Ford Super Duty F-350 is the workhorse the experts call upon to accomplish the impossible. But don't just take our word for it-the Ford Super Duty series isn't just the preferred choice by those who need to take care of occupational obligation; other elements of the infrastructure that span from coast to coast have come to rely on the vehicle, including mining operations, emergency medical services, and commercial entities that tend to the pressing matters of city management and public works. We can get you behind the wheel of a Ford F-350 for sale and on your way to accomplishing anything you set your sights on.

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A Proud Tradition of Power

While the Ford F-150 has been around since the 1970s, the Super Duty line of trucks, which the F-350 belongs to, didn't emerge until the 1999 model year. In the time since its debut, the F-350 has made a name for itself as a formidable offering that can outperform its fiercest rivals. As is the case with any truck that Ford manufactures, drivers can choose from various powertrains and trims that adhere to their immediate needs and preferences.

The entry-level trims are ideal for drivers who strictly need a vehicle for occupational needs, whereas the higher-end models possess all of the amenities and features that enhance the experience when you're behind the wheel. When it comes to accomplishing the near-impossible, the F-350 is more than capable of clearing ground and moving mountains with minimal difficulty.

When properly equipped with a gooseneck attachment, this truck can tow monstrous cargo with ease. No matter what you have to hitch up, you can rest assured that transportation will be easier than ever. In recent years, Ford has gone above and beyond conventions and expectations to equip the F-350 with a variety of high-end driving assistance features to enhance the journey, no matter where it might happen to take you.

The black and grey front seats in a 2024 Ford F-350 Limited are shown.

Shop From Our Extensive Inventory of New and Used F-350 Models

If you're in the market for a new truck that can deliver the goods and push capability to the absolute limit, then the Ford F-350 is the ideal vehicle for you. Shopping with us has many advantages that you can choose to utilize, thanks to our vast selection of both new and used offerings. If you're looking to experience the latest and greatest features and attributes of what the Ford Motor Co. has to offer, an all-new Ford F-350 can start your journey by conquering anything and everything you have in front of you.

Perhaps you're looking to save money on up-front costs by purchasing a used model. Here at Ruge's, we work with people with all levels of income and financial situations. This means we're dedicated to getting our customers behind the wheel and on the way to a better mode of living. New or used, we have a financing department that will work closely with you to assist you in getting the truck you want at a monthly rate that's agreeable to your situation. It's just one more reason why more drivers come to do business with us.

A red 2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty is shown hooked up to a trailer with a large blue tractor.

Custom Order Your Ford F-350 With Us

As many of you remember, the year 2020 was one that was fraught with an incredible amount of stress and adjustment. Suddenly, we were getting used to things such as social distancing and quarantine as the global pandemic threw the world into the realms of uncertainty. The same year, there was another event that caused a great deal of inconvenience, one that we're still experiencing the fallout from. 2020 was the beginning of a worldwide microchip shortage. As a result, many production quotas were limited, and some features could only be produced in limited quantities.

This is precisely why having your Ford F-350 custom-ordered and built is one of the best ways to ensure you get everything you want. We'll guide you through the ordering process. You'll be able to choose everything that goes into your new truck. Choose which engine best suits your needs and will allow you to accomplish what you have to. You can also choose items such as safety features, entertainment options, as well as colors, and interior additions. Ford also has a variety of packages that can allow you to fully enhance your driving experience. Forget about settling for your second choice; this is how you'll be able to grasp ahold of all the advantages that the Ford F-350 has to offer you.

The Ruge's Ford logo is shown.

Experience the Power and Performance of the Ford F-350 for Yourself

The advantages the Ford F-350 has in store for you are limitless. With a towing and payload capacity that rivals the competition, a host of powertrains that put the ultimate performance in your hands, and a host of features that enhance the driving experience like never before, there's nothing you won't be able to accomplish when you get behind the wheel. And when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a new or used Ford, look no further than the experts at our dealership to do just this. With a vast selection of the best that Ford offers, you'll have the chance to experience over a century of excellence.

We take the extra step to put your needs at the forefront of every transaction. This means providing complete transparency and taking the time to listen to any questions and concerns you might have regarding any vehicle you're thinking of purchasing. We'll go over the various trims, accessories, packages, and advantages each vehicle possesses to assist you in making a well-informed decision that benefits you and not our profit margins. Tell us what you're looking for in a Ford truck, and we'll be happy to show you some great options, including the powerful F-350.

And once you've picked out the perfect model, our finance center will work closely with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. Once the keys are in your hand, our service and parts department will be there for you throughout the ownership of your vehicle for maintenance like oil changes and brake repair. We'll ensure that we check all the boxes to make your shopping and owning experience a rewarding one that you won't forget. That's the difference you'll experience at Ruge's Ford; come see us today and experience it yourself.