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New Ford Dealership

A red 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat is shown from a side angle parked in front of a house.

With each new year, we make ourselves new promises to better ourselves and our lives with new health goals, new financial plans, and the never-ending pursuit of stress-free and carefree living. If you set high standards for yourself each year, maybe this year you should reward your efforts with a new vehicle that can help you reach each of the goals you may have set for yourself. Whether you are trying to spend more time out in the wilderness, hiking and reaching new heights with your physical activities, or if you obtained a new job in the city and want a better vehicle for your new commute, a new vehicle is a great reward, and what better brand to gift yourself with than a Ford. So, who should you work with to find your prized vehicle than with a family-run dealership with an extended history in the automotive scene? Ruge's Ford is your ideal new Ford dealership.

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Ford's Evolution

The Ford brand touches home with us here at Ruge's Ford, working from the bottom to the top, struggling through the ups and downs through the years, yet still rising above it all to prosper and continue to provide exceptional service to those all around us. Since its founding in 1903, beginning with the sale of its first vehicle and the first edition of the Ford Model A, a 2-cylinder, 8-horsepower vehicle, Ford has continued to proudly serve generations while evolving and adapting to and paving the road towards change. As an automotive brand that provides drivers with innovative vehicles exceeding the industry's standards in all areas, that are known for their affordability and reliability flexible to anyone's budget and lifestyle, Ford offers much more to its people around the globe.

Ford's purpose has always been to help make the world a better place where anyone is capable of reaching their goals and their dreams through the freedom of movement with minimal limitations and obstacles to slow them down or hold them back. With the brand's founder, Henry Ford, starting out as a laborer at an early age growing up on his family's farm, moving onto becoming an apprentice as a machinist and then to servicing steam engines and finally to founding the legendary automotive brand, Ford's journey helped mold the values of his company. His career passage also assisted in defining the company's mission to simplify people's lives by making versatile and reliable vehicles available to everyone.

Although the Ford brand is primarily known throughout history for its lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs, the company has also made every effort to make a difference in the world by stepping up in times of need. Throughout history, Ford has been there to contribute boats, bombers, incubators, and even medical equipment when needed. If you want a model designed and built by a company that has been around for over a century, proving its dedication to people through more than just vehicles equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies and designs, but by helping in any way they can whenever they can, then look to Ford.

A white 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium is shown from the rear driving on a snowy road after visiting a new Ford dealership.

Ford Lineup Highlights

Ford's lineup has evolved through the years based on the demands from the automotive industry and drivers, with a lineup consisting of commercial trucks and vans for the business folk and a vast lineup of SUVs and pickups suitable for anyone on any budget. For an electrifying experience, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is available with a luxurious Ice White Package, bringing the Mach-E to its highest level of glamor yet encompassed in white from the inside out. There is also the Ford F-150 Lightning, which shocks drivers with its electric platform delivering 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque for a maximum 10,000-pounds of towing capacity. As for the famous pony, the Ford Mustang is available in tons of packages and colors so you can customize both style and comfort.

Continuing through Ford's lineup of SUVs and pickups, there is first the Ford Explorer, which offers the ST-Line for those looking for a sporty design. The Expedition is full of upgraded technology, connectivity, and driver-assist features along for the best driving experience yet. There is also the compact Ford Maverick which made headlines at its release, and we can't forget the continued rise of the beloved Bronco.

A blue 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition is shown from a high angle parked on a concrete runway.

Ruge's Ford, Your New Ford Dealer

Ruge's Ford may be new to you, but our family's history in the automotive industry spans through generations. Ruge's Automotive began in 1935 when our family opened up a Sunoco fueling station consisting of only one pump, which eventually evolved into an Oldsmobile dealership that relocated to a larger facility in 1938 due to its growth and success. By the 1950s, our family listened to the needs of our neighbors and our customers and began providing more than just sales. We began offering full service, parts, and accessories also. In 1970, our family opened up one of the first Subaru dealerships in the country, and come 1985, we expanded even further into the automotive industry by opening a Chrysler Plymouth Dodge location. Our family later purchased Audia Motor Sales in 2016, which became Ruge's Chevrolet, and in 2020 we purchased Rhinebeck Ford to add to our family of locations.

As our history demonstrates, although we may be the new Ford dealership in the area, our family's legacy is far from being new to the industry or the area. With our family's three generations of experience, owning and operating automotive businesses, including our four dealerships, we are ready to help you with any of your automotive needs. Here at Ruge's Ford, we are ready to share more than just an exceptional brand with you, but also our extensive knowledge, experience, and friendly yet professional people skills no matter what your automotive needs are.

The Ruge's Ford logo is shown.

Our Promise to You From Ruge's Ford

Our family and our company's values run parallel with the Ford brand and its founder. This makes our family's newest addition, the Ruge's Ford dealership, even more exciting for us. Our family has spent decades providing quality services to our neighbors and our friends, the people we call our customers. But we strive to provide more than superior professional automotive services to the surrounding communities of our locations in New York. Our mission is to keep our new and used vehicle inventory stocked so you will never struggle to find a model perfect for you and your budget. We strive to provide as many options as possible so you won't have to search high and low for the best vehicle.

We also promise to carry on our family's tradition of treating you and all of our customers with the same courtesy and respect we want to be treated with because we value you and all of our neighbors, friends, and the extended families of our community. We will not only take all the time necessary to work through your options and budget to find you the best vehicle, price, and payment plan, we will keep your vehicle in great shape at our Ford service center. So what are you waiting for? Come find your new Ford vehicle at Ruge's Ford.