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Tempted by the Tremor? We Answer Your Top Questions

A red 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat is shown driving through mud after leaving a New Paltz Ford dealer.

Ford constantly amazes us, and it’s no secret that the automaker has had a few tricks up its sleeves in recent years, especially with the launch of the thrilling Tremor models. Not only is one of America’s best-selling pickup trucks for the past 45+ years in its arsenal, but now you’re able to arm this truck with some of the most astonishing capabilities imaginable. Here at Ruge’s Ford, we’re the top New Paltz Ford dealer, and when it comes to the Tremor lineup, you may have some questions about what it adds to your ride and what to expect. That’s why we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tremor package/trims, so you can see just how extraordinary this option is and how your ride will be forever changed.

What Is the Ford Tremor?

Although there are a number of off-road ready packages available in the lineup of Ford vehicles, the Tremor is actually a trim level, as well as a package, depending on the model you’re interested in, making it quite unique. Exhibiting differences that set it apart from the bold and fierce Raptor, the Tremor is a tad bit laidback and is more in line with the Ram Rebel model. Outstanding off-road talent and enhanced performance can be expected out of the Tremor, in addition to striking styling cues that make it an appealing model for drivers who are looking for a spark of adventure in their travels.

What Does the Ford Tremor Trim Include?

Debuting in 2021, the Tremor trim includes plenty of off-road-oriented features to make any adventure more epic than ever. In addition to an enhanced suspension system, the Tremor trim also includes a selectable locking rear differential, reinforced skid plates, all-terrain tires, and exceptional ground clearance, making it easy to traverse treacherous terrain with agility. A torque-on-demand transfer case allows you to utilize four-wheel drive effectively by sending the appropriate amount of power to each wheel based on current road conditions. You’ll also find that Ford Tremor models are extremely practical, making the transition from off-road fun to workday tasks effortless, with the ability to tow and haul among the best.

Its design is also unique, with a bold profile and eye-catching front end, a cutout rear bumper, two rear recovery hooks, and other off-road-ready elements accenting it from every angle. Vibrant orange badging can be found throughout to diversify this model, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Inside, exclusive seat trim, orange accents, and a sporty appeal greet you, offering a comfortable yet athletically inspired cabin space you won’t find elsewhere.

What Models Are Available With the Tremor Package/Trim?

The Ford F-150 includes the Tremor as a trim level in its lineup, first debuting with its 2021 models. In addition to a powerful EcoBoost V6 engine, the F-150 Tremor also features a one-inch suspension lift, as well as multiple auxiliary switches to power winches, lights, and anything else you need during your adventure. Various tech enhancements provide this strong truck with the ability to cascade over obstacles with finesse, including trail control features, rock crawl, and a rear locking differential that assists with increased traction and stability in virtually any environment. The Ford Ranger can be upgraded with the Tremor Off-Road Package on the XLT and Lariat trims.

The Super Duty models also have a version of the Tremor Off-Road Package. Including larger wheels and tires, specialized front springs, an electronic-locking rear differential, performance shocks, and more off-road-ready elements, the Super Duty Tremor package makes these hulking haulers even more exquisite than you ever thought possible. Packed with power via its V8 engine selection, a ride in the Super Duty, armed with the Tremor Off-Road Package, will be anything but boring.

A close up shows the Tremor stitching on a seat in a 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat.

What’s the Difference Between the Tremor and the Raptor?

Ford already has an off-road-oriented model, so why make another one? Well, you’ll quickly realize that the Tremor and the Raptor are exceedingly different. Although both models are equipped to handle the elements, they do so in entirely different ways. The Tremor combines off-road excitement and everyday capabilities into one stunning truck. All aspects of its fierce design won’t compromise its performance while towing and hauling, allowing it to be a versatile truck to have on the trails, the job site, and everywhere in between.

The Raptor, on the other hand, prioritizes off-roading over everything else, designed for maximum thrills, no matter the terrain. Fine-tuned for exceptional handling and speed on the trails, desert, and everywhere it dares to travel, the Raptor is the ideal pickup truck to have for dedicated off-road enthusiasts. That being said, if you don’t want to sacrifice power for off-road agility, the Tremor is your best bet.

What’s the Difference Between the Tremor and the FX4?

The FX4 is a package that incorporates off-road-ready elements into legendary Ford trucks. This particular package features Hill Descent Control for maximum control in steep environments, off-road ready shocks, an electronic-locking rear differential, and a 360-degree camera to make for a more controlled ride, no matter where you’re exploring. If you’re looking for more off-road capabilities, as well as a bolder design, opting for the Tremor over the FX4 package is recommended.

Is the Tremor Electric?

The quick answer is no; the Ford Tremor is not an electric model. While we won't be surprised to see an electric version of this trim/package in the future, as of right now, it's not an option. While the current F-150 model does have a hybrid engine option in its lineup, you cannot get it with the Tremor.

Is the Tremor a Good Truck?

The Tremor is a great truck for those who wish to have the best of both worlds: off-roading expertise and everyday capabilities. Available in some capacity for almost all of Ford's truck models, you're able to get these features in something midsize, full-size, and heavy-duty, giving virtually every driver the ability to harness exceptional off-roading capabilities. It’s a top pick for those who don’t want to compromise on capabilities, like towing and hauling, yet want to take advantage of some of the best off-roading elements in the industry. All in all, it’s an outstanding choice for anything it sets out to do, making it an integral part of the Ford lineup of tough trucks.

A close up shows the Tremor badge on the bed of a silver 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor.

Elevate Your Drive in the Tremor

If you’re looking for an all-around incredible experience on any terrain, the Ford Tremor models will deliver what you’re looking for in your ride and then some. At Ruge’s Ford, we make it a priority to showcase some of the most influential trucks on the market, and if off-roading fun and top capabilities are on your mind, rest assured we have the Tremor model that you need. We aren’t far from several preserves and state parks, like the Mohonk Preserve and the Minnewaska State Park, or if you are more adventurous, you can head towards the Catskill Mountains north from here. There’s nothing better than being able to effortlessly shift from bounding down the dusty trails to towing equipment on the job site, and the Tremor models allow you to accomplish this without hesitation. When you’re in the market for a truck that can quite literally do it all, a visit to our lot should be in order so that you’re able to experience this fierce truck first-hand. Contact us or stop by and take one for a spin; we guarantee it will deliver the level of excitement you’re seeking and so much more, making for an undeniably epic experience behind the wheel.